Incessantly driven to live the creative travel lifestyle, I create a multitude of content covering photography, design, filmmaking and travel; with an emphasis on quality and efficiency.

With a rapidly growing audience, primarily via my YouTube channel, I share the journeys behind my photos with the aim of inspiring others to see the world through creative eyes. I’m drawn to vast urban landscapes, both traditional and modern, together with remote areas of nature. Camera in hand. Always.

My professional creative history spans 10+ years, with a background primarily in design, with photography always alongside. Working multiple years at brands such as Disney, Apple, and Burberry, as well as other global brands and advertising agencies within London and Melbourne; I have now focused my attention running an independent business, as a content creator.

Creating regular content is a team effort. My partner Elly and I work collectively together as photographers and filmmakers. Although Elly spends less time in front of the camera, she’s a part of every project behind the camera, through planning, production, and publishing.

From humble countryside roots in the south west of the UK, to bustling city life in London, to global traveler; my focus is all about maintaining self-sufficiency for a healthy work/life balance, with priorities set on seeing the world and documenting my journey.

If you’d like to hire me for your project, speak at your event or discuss business/sponsorship opportunities across any of my social platforms, feel free to get in touch!