Print information

There is no one-size-fits-all for printing artwork, and even less so for framing and displaying it. Due to the history and prestige of art, there is an abundance of sizing, ratios and methods to displaying artwork, both in metric and imperial fashion. The following information should help guide you to making the right print purchase.


My creative decision is to display my artwork within specific aspect ratios, rather than match to A-sizes — which should be reserved for documents and editorial media.

I know all too well the frustrations of trying to match artwork to frames, which is why I have created an accurate approach to my print sizes. These options have been designed to be as accessible to as many around the world as possible.

For the best display of each print, I would recommend custom framing and mounting to fit your personal requirements and taste.

Each print is surrounded by a blank margin, to give space for mounting and handling. The accurate dimensions of each print size (paper) and the internal size (artwork) is listed for your reference.


The largest print size, suitable to make a focus point/feature of a room, or an opportunity to study the detailing within the artwork. For a familiar sizing reference, these prints are bigger than A2, but smaller than A1.

Paper 50x70cm — 19 ¹¹/₁₆ x 27 ⁹/₁₆"
Image 45x65cm — 17 ²³/₃₂ x 25 ¹⁹/₃₂"


A great print size to add artwork to a room without drawing too much attention directly, or for position amongst other artwork. Large enough to study significant detailing of a scene, yet small enough to be manageable in almost any space. For a familiar sizing reference, these prints are very close in size to A3.

Paper 30x40cm — 11 ¹³/₁₆ x 15 ³/₄"
Image 26x36cm — 10 ¹⁵/₆₄ x 14 ¹¹/₆₄"


A more affordable and personal print size, perfect for smaller locations or amongst other artwork/decorations. Can be framed with a surrounding mount to draw intimate attention, or left as-is for a more subtle addition to a room. For a familiar sizing reference, these prints are almost exactly A4.

Paper 21x30cm — 8 ¹⁷/₆₄ x 11 ¹³/₁₆"
Image 18x27cm — 7 ³/₃₂ x 10 ⁵/₈"

Paper quality

All artwork is printed on museum-quality archival fine art paper, at the highest quality. Unless otherwise stated, all artwork is professionally printed in London, on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm matt paper stock. Acid- and lignin-free.

Signed and authenticated

All prints are signed and packaged with an embossed certificate of authenticity, featuring details of the location, camera used and date taken.

Framing suggestions

The prints can be framed, mounted or pinned, depending on your interior design intentions. For the longest lifespan, it is recommended to frame your prints as soon as possible, to avoid accidental damage. Anti-reflective glass options will dramatically improve the visual appeal of the prints on display. Alternatively, using a slim mount between the frame and the print, a no-glass option can be achieved for maximum visual appeal.

You may wish to place the print edge-to-edge within the frame, or add greater scale by mounting the image within a larger frame. This can make smaller prints appear bigger; or make larger prints a bolder, more confident feature of a room.

Care guide

Allow prints to lay flat as soon as possible upon delivery.

In suitable conditions away from direct sunlight and moisture, these museum-quality, archival prints should last a lifetime and more.

Avoid storing prints in a tube for prolonged periods of time, as it can cause micro tears in the paper and potential scratching of the surface during rolling.