Frequently asked questions

How do I get the remastered Lightroom Presets?

For easy access, your original download link from previous purchases will always automatically redirect to the remastered set and any future updates. You should also have been sent an email from Sellfy when the update happened. Make sure to check your junk mail or your "Promotions" folder if you're using Gmail.

Do the presets work with Lightroom Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android)?

Yes, but with a specific setup. You can either synchronise Lightroom presets between desktop, mobile and tablet devices from the desktop version of Lightroom CC (new version, not Lightroom Classic). Read more about syncing with Lightroom CC. Alternatively, you can use the provided .dng files to import directly to Lightroom for mobile devices and setup presets without requiring a subscription to Lightroom.

Where’s my discount code?

Discounts are available to subscribers of my email list. Sometimes the email with the code can take a while to get to you, based upon the processing capacity of MailChimp (the email service I use). In the meantime:
- Make sure you the email address you typed into the sign up form is correct
- Check you've confirmed your subscription to the email list via the initial confirmation email sent after signing up
- Check your spam or junk mail folders
- If you're using Gmail, check your "Promotions" folder
If your email still doesn't show up, send me a message and I'll look into it.

Do the title templates work with Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve etc.?

Unfortunately, due to the way these titles have been built with After Effects, these titles are only compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro v14.x or later (released November 2019). I'd love to offer support for other editing software, however, there aren't currently any template structures that offer as seamless a setup as there is with Adobe.

What format are the Lightroom presets in?

All the preset packages include both .xmp and .dng file formats versions for Lightroom 7+ and Lightroom for mobile, respectively. Instructions for how to use these formats are included in the download.

Will the presets work with Lightroom 5?

In theory, the .dng file presets should work, as the adjustments they’re making are all traditional development changes. However, I am unable to test them with continual OS updates, as I do not have access to Lightroom 5 due to it being discontinued in 2015.

If possible, it really is worth considering upgrading to the latest CC version as it's considerably faster and supports newer cameras. I understand it’s now subscription based software, but that means you will always have the latest developments of the software when they’re released. Of course make sure to double check the specs of your computer to make sure it’s compatible, because a significant change they made, was to rewrite it in 64-bit architecture.

Is URBAN CHROME vol.2 a replacement to vol.1?

No, it is not. URBAN CHROME vol.2 is an extension to the successful vol.1 Lightroom presets. Both volumes offer differing styles and are in compliment to each other.

Is URBAN STONE vol.2 a replacement to vol.1?

Just as above. URBAN STONE vol.2 is in compliment to the successful vol.1 Lightroom presets.

Do the LUTs work on mobile?

The CINE SCENES LUTs come in .cube and .3dl formats. If your video editing app supports import of these LUT filetypes, then yes, they will work! Two notable apps to use on iOS are Video LUT and LumaFusion. Adobe Premiere Rush unfortunately does not support LUTs.

Do the LUTs work with iPhone footage?

Yes! They work exceptionally well with iPhone footage. For even better results, I recommend shooting in a flat picture profile via apps such as FiLMiC Pro or Moment Camera. If using the native camera or picture profile from your smartphone (i.e. full colour, contrast and saturation), you may wish to reduce the effect of the LUTs to about 75% for optimal appearance.